Venture Capital Firms in Silicon Valley/San Francisco Bay Area

5am Ventures Life Sciences, Product Discovery, Medical Tech, Drug Development, Platform Technologies Early  
10x Greenhouse Ventures Life Sciences  Early  
137 Ventures Technology Later Stage  
Aberdare Ventures Health Care    
Abingworth Management, Inc. Life Sciences and Health Care    
ABS Capital Partners Technology, Health Care, Business & Educational Services, and Media & Communications Late Stage  
Acacia Venture Partners Health Care    
Accel Partners Technology    
Accel-KKR LLC Software & Technology    
Access Venture Partners Technology Early Stage  
Accer Technology Ventures America      
Acorn Ventures, LLC

Technology: Broadband, Infrastructure, Wireless, Software

Education: Enterprise, Consumer

Internet: Enterprise, Consumer, Retail

Round Interest Level
Seed Low
Startup Medium
Series A High
Series B High
Series C Low

$1 - 5 million

Adams Capital Management, Inc.   Early Stage  
Advanced Technology Ventures IT, Healthcare and Cleantech    
Adobe Ventures      
Agilent Ventures      
Alacrity Ventures Internet, Technology, Angels    
Alafi Capital Healthcare, product-oriented biotechnology, life science technologies, imaging and diagnostics, and medical device    
Allegis Capital Technology: enabling hardware devices, software solutions, broadband and wireless delivery technologies, internet delivery platforms and services Seed and early stage $3-5 million initial investment
Alloy Ventures Life Sciences, IT (Software, Systems, Mobile, Semiconductor), Cleantech Seed and early stage. "No deal is too early"  
Alta Partners Life sciences
Altos Ventures
Big Data/Analytics, Mobile, E-Commerce, Supply/Demand Chain
Digital Media
Online Games, Social Media, User Generated Content, Education, Music/Video
Cloud Computing, Security, Storage, Web Services, Payment Infrastructure
Early Stage
Typically $1 to $3 million
AltoTech Ventures, LLC Social networking software, enterptise software, cloud security software, semiconductor, cleantech, tech products, biotechnology    
Ambex Venture Group  information technology, health science and financial service Early  
American Capital      
The Angels' Forum Technology, Life Sciences Early Stage  
Aragon Ventures, Inc. Technology Early Stage  
Ark Venture Partners   Early  
Apax Partners Healthcare, Media, Financial and Business Services, retail and Consumer, technology    
Arrowpath Venture Partners No new financings    
Artian Ventures Technology Early  
Asia Pacific Ventures      
AsiaTech Ventures China, technology    
Asset Management Company IT, Healthcare,  hardware, software, medical devices and therapeutics companies Early  
Astellas Venture Capital LLC Healthcare, Pharma Early  
ATA Ventures  digital delivery platforms that empower business and consumer applications Early   
ATEL Ventures, Inc. Cleantech, Life Sciences, Software and Technology Early $250k to $6MM
Atherton Venture Partners, LLC Healthcare, life science, and information technology companies. Current portfolio holdings focus primarily on companies that develop diagnostic devices, medical treatment procedures, and surgical instruments in the fields of sports medicine, cardiovascular and vascular medicine, as well as radiology and anesthesiology. Information technology investments focus on companies that develop software and operating systems for storage area networks (SANS) as well as Internet security.    
Atrium Capital Corporation      
August Capital      
Azure Capital Partners technology Early  
Battery Ventures  Internet & Digital Media; Financial & Information Services; Clean Tech; Software; Semiconductors & Components; Infrastructure Technologies; Communication Services; and Industrial Technologies   200k-100M
Bay City Capital Life Sciences     
Bay Partners      
Bedrock Capital Partners      
Bee Partners Very early stage  
Benchmark Capital Technology, Financial Services    
Berkeley International Capital Corp. Technology   1-50M
Bessemer Venture Partners Technology, Services    
Bioveda Capital Singapore, Healthcare    
Blacksmith Capital      
Bloomberg Beta Curated Web, Predictive Analytics, Analytics Seed, Early  
Blue Chip Venture Company  Technology companies serving the media & marketing industries; healthcare companies, including healthcare services, specialty providers, and clinical-stage drug and device companies; software companies; and technology-enabled business service companies Not early 1-6M
Blueprint Ventures Technology Early  
BlueRun Ventures  Internet & Media, Mobile, Enterprise Software, Semiconductors and Components Early 1-6M
Blumberg Capital  Software, Digital and Social Media, Mobile and Consumer Internet Early 100k-5M
Boston Scientfic      
Brainstorm Ventures Consumer Internet, Social Media, Private Networks, Domain Name Assets    
Burrill & Company human healthcare therapeutics and diagnostics/devices; health/wellness; agricultural biotechnology; biofuels, and industrial biotechnology (biomaterials/bioprocesses)   5-15M
BV Capital      
Cambrian Ventures, Inc. Technology, Software, Enterprise Apps, Consumer Apps Early  
Camp Ventures, LLC   Early 500k-1.5M
Canaan Partners Technology, Healthcare    
Cardinal Venture Capital Digital Media, Financial Tech, Mobile, SaaS Early  
Cargill Ventures      
Carlyle Group      
Catamount Ventures, LP   Early  
Celerity Partners Life Sciences, Health care    
Charles River Ventures Technology    
Charter Life Sciences Life Sciences obtaining clinical proof of efficacy Early 1-5M
Chess Ventures      
China Vest      
Clearstone Venture Partners Technology (Internet, communications, software)    
CM Capital Corporation      
CMEA Ventures      
Compass Technology Partners Silicon-related Tech, Life Sciences, Communications and IT Any  
Costanoa Venture Capital Information technology, specifically enterprise technology, business to business software, high value consumer and SMB services. Early 500k-4M
Crescendo Ventures      
Crosslink Capital Techology, Internet  Stage to seed  
Crosspoint Venture Capital Not accepting new proposals    
Chevron Technology Ventures Oil, Gas, Advanced Materials, IT, Communcations, Networking, Alternative Energy    
Crystal Ventures      
Darling Ventures Mobile and Wireless Early "$50K – $250K a pop, with the opportunity for more down the road."
De Novo Ventures Healthcare Early to Late  
Delphi Ventures Medical Devices, Biotech Early 500k-12M
Diamondhead Ventures Technology, Info security Early 500k-5M
Dominion Ventures Technology, Life Sciences, Engineering Partner with universities   
Dot Edu Ventures Technology, Education Early  
Dragon Venture China, technology    
Draper Fisher Jurvetson Technology    
Draper Richards, LP Technology, SaaS, Internet Early  
Duff Ackerman & Goodrich LLC   Not early  
EarlyBird European   1-5M Euros
East Gate Group wireless communication, gaming, Big Data and consumer web applications Early  
El Dorado Ventures Datacenters and Cloud Computing, Software (primarily SaaS-based delivery), Consumer Internet, Communications and Networking, and Cleantech Early   
Elevation Partners Private Equity, Media, Entertainment, Technology    
Emergence Capital Partners Technology, SaaS, digital media and mobile services Early  
Entrepia Ventures, Inc. Technology Early  
Expansion Capital Partners Clean Technology, Sustainable Tech    
Explorador Capital      
Felicis Ventures Tech - mobile apps Seed stage/Super Angel  
Fenox Venture Capital  
Fisher Lynch Capital Private Equity    
Flywheel Ventures Digital services, IT, Energy, Water tech Early  
Focus Ventures Technology, Software Early 3-8M
Forerunner Ventures Technology-enabled consumer companies. Early - Seed and Series-A $250-500k
Formative Ventures      
Foundation Capital   Early 1-10M
Fox Paine & Company, LLC      
Francisco Partners      
Frazier Healthcare Ventures Healthcare, Biopharma,     
Friedman Fliescher & Lowe Private Equity    
FTVentures Business services, Financial services, Technology, Payment and Transaction processing    
Fundamental Capital, LLC   Not early  
Fuse Capital digital Media, Communications    
Gabriel Venture Partners Disruptive Early  
Garage Technology Ventures Software, Cleantech, Material Sciences Early/Seed 500k-3M
Garnett & Helfrich Capital Technology Mid-sized  
General Atlantic Partners      
Generation Partners Private Equity, Business and Info Services, Healthcare, Media and Communications    
Genstar Capital, LLC Private Equity, Life Sciences, Healthcare, SaaS, IT    
Gerken Capital Associates Private Equity, Hedge Funds    
Global Catalyst Partners      
Globespan Capital Partners IT, Mobile Communications, Software, Peripherals    
Glynn Capital Management Technology    
Golden Gate Capital Private Equity, semiconductors, software, IT    
GGV Capital Internet, Digital Media, Cloud, SaaS Expansion 5-25M
Granite Ventures, LLC Technology Early  
Greylock Partners Technology (Consumer Internet, Enterprise IT, green tech)    
GSMR Ventues Technology, Healthcare     
Hambrecht & Quist Capital Management, LLC Healthcare, Life Sciences     
Headland Ventures   Early   
Hellman & Friedman LLC Private Equity    
Hercules Tech Growth Capital, Inc.      
Highland Capital Partners Healthcare, Technology    
HIG Ventures      
Horizon Ventures Communications and Systems, Component Tech, Healthcare IT, Software applications for business Early  
Hotung Capital Management, Inc. Private Equity    
Hummer Winblad Venture Partners Software only    
ICCP Venture Partners, Inc.      
IDG Ventures Pacific New Media, E-Commerce, IT Early 1-5M
Incubic Venture Capital      
Industrial Growth Partners Private Equity    
Industry Ventures Secondary investments    
InnoCal Venture Capital Technology    
Institutional Venture Partners   Later stage  
Integral Capital Partners Technology, Life sciences    
Intel Capital Technology    
International Venture Partners Technology   250k-2.5M
InterWest Partners Technology, life sciences Early, Development Stage 10-15M
INVESCO Private Capital Private Equity    
JP Morgan Partners      
JAFCO Ventures Internet, digital media, enterprise software, cloud computing, mobile applications, security and semiconductors/components Early, Seed  
Kaiser Pernamente Healthcare    
Kennet Venture Partners LLC digital media, e-commerce, consumer Internet, enterprise software, telecoms software and infrastructure, semiconductors and IT services   10-20M
Kenson Ventures, LLC Life Sciences, Biotech     
Key Principal Partners, LLC      
Khosla Ventures    
Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers Alternative energy, technology, life sciences    
KLM Capital Group Communications, IT, Semiconductors Early  
KT Venture Group Semiconductors, Communication    
KTB Ventures Communications, Digital Media, Consumer electronics, Consumer and Business Services     
Labrador Ventures information services, applied materials science, software, messaging and data communications Early 1-2M
Lake Street Capital, LLC Secondary Directs    
Latteral Venture Partners Healthcare Early  
Lauder Partners, LLC TV technology, security, telecommunications and internet technologies    
Leapfrog Ventures Technology, Software, Wireless    
Learn Capital Educational ventures    
Legacy Venture      
Levensohn Venture Partners Digital Media, Security, Cleantech NO NEW INVESTMENTS NO NEW INVESTMENTS
Lexington Partners Secondary Venture Capital     
Lighthouse Capital Partners Life sciences, Cleantech Early/Mid  
Lightspeed Venture Partners IT, Software, Mobile, Media, Cloud, Enterprise    
Lowercase Capital    
Manitou Ventures      
Matrix Partners Technology (Software, Hardware, Internet)    
Mateva Capital, LLC      
Mayfield Fund Technology (Wireless, Software)    
McKenna Ventures   Early   
MedVenture Associates Medical devices, Healthcare    
Menlo Ventures IT, Services Any 5-20M
Meritech Capital Partners IT, SaaS Late  
Mobius Venture Capital no longer investing new capital    
Mohr Davidow Ventures IT, Life Sciences, Cleantech Early  
Montreux Equity Partners healthcare, pharma    
Morgenthaler IT,  Internet Services, Enterprise Services and Mobile Platform Services, life sciences, Therapeutic Biopharmaceuticals and Medical Devices   5-20M
MPM Capital Life sciences, Biotech, Specialty pharma, medical technology    
Najdorf Capital network and application security space    
Needham Capital Partners   Growth Stage  
NeoCarta Ventures, Inc. Technology    
New Millenium Partners   All Stages  
Nexit Ventures Technology (Mobile, Wireless)    
NIF Ventures      
Norwest Venture Partners      
Noventi Ventures Technology, Energy, Environment Early 2-4M
Novus Ventures      
Nth Power energy technology, materials    
Oak Investment Partners Information Technology, Healthcare    
ONSET Ventures LLC In information technology, we focus on mobility, new media and infrastructure software. Within medical technology, we focus on medical devices, drug delivery, diagnostics and healthcare information technology All Stages  
Opportunity Capital Partners      
Osprey Ventures LP   Expansion  
Outlook Ventures Software infrastructure, applications, and services companies addressing consumer and/or business markets Early/Growth 1-3M
Pacific Partners      
Pacifica Fund IT, energy, Materials Early 1-5M
PacRim Venture Partners IT    
Palo Alto Ventures IT    
Paloma Ventures Technology Early 2-5M
Parker Price Venture Capital, Inc. fund closed    
Partech International internet services, e-commerce, social and digital media, information technology and energy optimization Early/Mid 10-12M euros
Parthenon Capital Private Equity    
Paul Capital Partners Secondary Venture Capital, Technology    
Peninsula Equity Partners      
Pinnacle Ventures IT, Cleantech, Healthcare Early-Stage  
Pitango Venture Capital Communications; Networking & Storage; Wireless, Cellular and Mobile technologies; Enterprise Software, Internet and Media; Healthcare & Life Sciences, and Clean Technologies All stages  
Pond Venture Partners IT    
Presidio Venture Partners, LLC      
Propel Partners Technology, Real estate    
Prospect Venture Partners Life Sciences and Health Care   500k-10M
Psilos Group Healthcare Series B or later 8-15M
Quicksilver Ventures Secondary Venture Capital, Technology    
Red Rock Ventures Technoloy, Software Early  
Redpoint Ventures Technology Early  
Redwood Venture Partners IT, networking, wireless, semiconductors, security, homeland security, software, and communications Early  
Relay Ventures Mobile technology Early  
Rembrandt Venture Partners internet infrastructure, application software delivered as a service, communications, mobile products and services, and new media convergence Early  
Ridge Ventures Software, New Media, E-Commerce, IT Early  
Ridgewood Capital oil & gas, energy technologies and renewable power industries    
Rocket Ventures Mobile Technology and Digital Media (consumer) markets: semiconductors, devices, infrastructure software, and consumer services    
Romulus Capital Early Stage - Seed to Series A  
Rosewood Capital Private Equity    
Rustic Canyon Partners digital media, eCommerce, consumer online services, SaaS and energy efficiency Early  
RWI Group Networking, Semiconductors, Software, Life Sciences     
SAIF Partners ASIA    
Saints Capital Secondary Venture Capital, Technology    
SAP Ventures IT Growth Stage 5-12M
Salix Ventures Health care    
Sanderling Ventures, Ltd. Healthcare, Biomedical Early  
SB Life Science Equity Management, LLC Healthcare, Life Sciences, Drug Development, Medical Devices Any 500k-10M
SBV Venture Partners Technology Early  
Scale Venture Partners Internet, SaaS, Mobile, Cloud Not early 3-20M
Shelby Venture Partners Digital Media, IT, Sustainable Technology    
Sequoia Capital Technology (Components, Systems, Software, Services)    
Sevin Rosen Funds Technology    
Shasta Ventures Internet, Software, Mobile and Wireless Early 250k-6M
Shoreline Venture Management Healthcare, Diagnostics, Novel Therapeutics, IT infrastructure Software Early 250k-1m
Siemens Venture Capital, Inc. Energy, Industry, Healthcare   2-5M euros
Sienna Ventures      
Sierra Ventures Technology, Web, SaaS, Mobile, Telecommunications, Semiconductors, Hardware systems, Components, Storage, Energy   2-25M
Sigma Partners   Early  
Skyblaze Ventures Technology, SaaS, Hardware Infrastructure, Wireless Infrastructure and applications    
Skyline Ventures Protein Therapeutics, Healthcare, Medical Devices, Diagnostics   15-35M
Sofinnova Ventures Biopharma, Mobile Software/Systems/Components Seed/Early  100k-1M, Series A:3-30M
Southeast Interactive Tech Funds Technology     
SoftTech VC Seed $500k to $1.5MM
Split Rock Partners Healthcare, SaaS    
Spring Ridge Ventures Medical Technology, Bio-Pharma Early emphasis  
Sprout Group no longer investing new capital    
Startup Capital Ventures Software Early 250k-1M
Storm Ventures Information Tech, SaaS, Mobile, Cloud Early 100k-3M
Summit Partners      
Sutter Hill Ventures Technology Early  
SV Life Science Advisers, Inc. Biotech, Life Sciences, Healthcare, Medical Devices    
Swander Pace Capital Private Equity    
Sycamore Ventures Information Technology, Bio-Pharma Late At least 5M
TA Associates Private Equity    
Tailwind Capital Partners Healthcare, Business and Communications     
Tallwood Venture Capital Semiconductors    
Taraval Associates, LLC Healthcare, Agriculture, Biotechnology, Chemical Processes Early  
TAT Capital Partners Ltd. Medical Technology, Micro and Nanotechnology    
Technology Crossover Ventures Internet, Financial Tech, Infrastructure and Communications, SaaS   20M-200M
Technoogy Investments Information Technology Early 50-250k
Technology Partners Cleantech and Life sciences   1-15M
Telesoft Partners Technology, Communications, Energy    1-15M
Thoma Cressey Bravo      
Thomas, McNerney & Partners healthcare and life sciences, pharmaceutical, medical device, biotechnology and diagnostic  All Stages 1-50M
Thompson Clive Venture Capital no longer investing new capital    
Three Arch Partnres Healthcare Early  
3i Corporation Business services, Consumer, Healthcare, Industrials and Energy   Up to 250M
TI Ventures, LP Semiconductors, Technology    
TL Ventures SaaS, Biotechnology, Communications    
Ticonderoga Capital Healthcare software Post-seed stage companies  
Trinity Ventures Cloud/Mobile Infrastructure, Digital Media, Software-as-a-Service, and Social Commerce and Entertainment Early stage  
TriplePoint Capital Technology, Life sciences, Clean Tech Early stage  
US Venture Partners Information Technology, Healthcare Early stage  
Vanguard Ventures Technology, Life Sciences Early stage  
VantagePoint Venture Partners Energy, Information Technology, Internet, Digital Media, Healthcare, Asia    
VCFA Group Private Equity    
Vector Capital Technology     
VenGlobal Capital      
Venrock Associates Energy, Healthcare, Technology    
Venture Frogs Internet, E-commerce, information Technology, Telecommunications Technology Early-stage 100K-3M
Versant Ventures Medical Technology, Biopharmaceuticals, Life Sciences   250K-30M
Vertex Mangement Inc.      
Vertical Group Medical Technology, Biotechnology  The Vertical Group manages private partnerships with a "vertical" range of investments including: early and late venture stage companies; private operating companies involved in buy-out or corporate spin-off transactions; and public companies of all sizes. 250K-5M
Vision Capital Communications, Semiconductors, Software, Internet, E-commerce European startups  
Vivo Ventures Healthcare     
Voyager Capital Information Technology, Digital Media, Software, Wireless, Clean Tech Early stage  
VSP Capital      
Walden International Semiconductors, Clean Tech, Internet and Digital Media, Software early and expansion stage companies  
Walden VC Digital Media and Cloud Services Post-seed stage companies  
Warbug Pincus Private Equity From founding start-ups and fostering growth in developing companies to leading complex recapitalizations or large-scale buy-outs of more mature businesses.
Weber Capital Management, LLC Information Technology, Communications, Healthcare Microcap public companies and mid to late stage ventures 1-3M
Thomas Weisal Capital Partners      
Thomas Weisal Venture Partners      
Western Technology Investment Technology, Life Sciences Early stage to publicly-traded companies 250K-30M
WI Harper Group Technology, Clean Technology, and Healthcare early and expansion stage companies 5-15M
Weston Presidio Consumer, Industrial Growth, and Business Services    
Woodside Fund Semiconductors, Networking and Communications Infrastructure, and Enterprise Software    
Worldview Technology Partners Information Technology     
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