Corporate Legal Services

At Springmeyer Law, we offer a full range of services for startup and small to medium businesses. Our goal is to collaborate with our clients to formulate specific legal plans for their transactional needs. We use our experience and innovation to create California legal business documents and execute transactions with four goals in mind: protecting our client's interests, limiting our client's liability, drafting contracts that prevent or withstand litigation, and eliminating unnecessary costs.

Springmeyer Law advises and represents clients in all transactional and compliance matters from formation to acquisition or IPO.  Some of our common transactions include:

  1. Incorporation – State filings, founder equity, intellectual property audits and assignments
  2. Early-Stage Finance – Friends and family, angel, and venture capital investments
  3. Operational Contracts – terms of service, licensing agreements, non-disclosures, intellectual property assignments
  4. Employment – Equity incentive plans and individual stock/option awards, compliance with federal and state wage and hour laws
  5. Compliance – Securities (SEC and Blue Sky), Safe Harbor Certification, CAN-SPAM, Telephone Consumer Protection Act

In order to reduce the expenses of legal representation, Springmeyer Law has developed web applications for many of the standard transactions startups engage in. These applications allow collaboration between Springmeyer Law attorneys and our clients to structure transactions specific to our client’s goals. Furthermore, these applications automate a large portion of the document drafting, which significantly reduces the time and expenses of executing the transaction.

Springmeyer Law business clients have 24/7 access to their file via an online application that allows our clients to view real-time updates, case file documents, and billing entries. While we are happy to explain the progress of your case, you will always be informed of the latest developments by signing into your file.