Startup Legal Issues


Incorporating in Delaware versus California
When Should I Incorporate?
Incorporation Versus LLC
Why Startups Incorporate in Delaware
Early Considerations for Keeping Your Startup VC Fundable
Can I Start a Competing Business in California?
Can I Start a Startup While Employed?
New Businesses - Choosing a Business Entity
Do I Really Need Limited Liability?
Tax Benefits for C-Corps
Starting/Registering a Delaware Corporation in California
Starting a Startup With Foreign Founders
Starting a Startup With H-1B Founders
Understanding Founder Liability


Reincorporating to a Delaware Corporation
Converting a CA LLC to DE C-Corp
Converting an LLC to C-Corp
Reincorporating a California corporation to a Delaware corporation

Social Enterprise Startups

Social Enterprise Entity Types
VC Investment in Benefit Corporations and SPCs
Pros and Cons of the Benefit Corporation Structure for VC-Bound Companies
Converting to DE Public Benefit Corp

Founder Stock

Restricted Stock for Founders and Investors
Considerations for Founder Vesting Stock
Marital Property Rights in Founder Stock
Founder Dilution
Minority shareholder oppression - Dilution & Freezeouts
Negotiating Terms of Stock Restriction Agreements
Dilution Concerns for Founders and Early Investors

Executive Compensation

Considerations for Employees Reviewing Job Offers with Stock Options
Section 83(a) & 83(b) Elections
Employee and Consultant Stock Incentives/Options
Should I Pay Employees with Options or Restricted Stock?
Restricted Stock vs. Restricted Stock Units (RSUs)
Taxation of employee ISOs, NSOs, and Restricted Stock
Issuing Stock Options Without A Plan
Stock Options for US Employees of a Foreign Company

Terms of Service/Privacy Policy

Safe Harbor Invalidation (Oct 2015) and Alternatives
COPPA Considerations for Ed Tech Startups
Safe Harbor Cerficiation and Internet Privacy
Terms of Service: Covering Your Assent