About Us

Springmeyer Law is a corporate transactions and intellectual property law firm focused on technology startup companies.  We work with startups, founders and investors from the point of conception to the placement of general counsel, on matters ranging from formation, intellectual property planning and transactions, angel and venture capital, executive compensation and operational and compliance counseling.

Our firm was started in 2010 with the idea of providing startups a more comprehensive, scalable practice dedicated to domain expertise and efficiency.  Our billing philosophy is founded on principles of efficiency and we’ve built applications that automate low-level drafting functions and provide our clients with tools for collaboratively executing transactions. This has facilitated working with remote clients in Los Angeles, San Diego and beyond, as well as local clients in San Francisco, Berkeley, and Silicon Valley.

Since starting the firm, we have worked with over 200 software, web and mobile app, hardware, robotics, medical device, clean energy and film ventures in matters ranging from formation planning to acquisition, including acquisitions by Google and other Valley and SF firms, and have worked with founders, startups, and investors on finance deals ranging from $100,000 to over $10 million.

Frequently Asked Questions

What kinds of clients do you serve?

The majority of our clients are tech start-up companies. Current and past clients include EdTech, FinTech, blockchain, network security software and hardware, business productivity application, robotics, drone, real estate tech, AdTech, social platforms, and various social and consumer app startups. We also work with a handful of non-tech entrepreneurs.

We advise individual founders, tech company employees, and angel investors. We also set up and counsel micro-VCs.

Can you help non-U.S. founders set up U.S. operations?

Yes, we work with many clients outside of the U.S. to setup and maintain businesses in the U.S. We also work with many entrepreneurs that are on H1-B and other visa types.

Which attorney will I work with if I engage with your firm?

It’s up to you to choose your primary attorney and we can recommend who would be the best fit if you aren’t sure. You will interface with your primary attorney most often, but you can expect to benefit from the firm’s collective knowledge and experience, and you still have access to any other attorney at the firm. (For example, if Bryan is your primary attorney and you are considering applying to YC or another accelerator program, you might want to call John and talk to him about his experience successfully going through YC and selling his company).

For larger transactions, you can expect have more than one attorney working on the matter in collaboration.

What does an engagement with your firm look like (and how do you charge)?
Hourly billing rates vary among attorneys. They are generally less than large law firms and comparable with other boutiques. We also cap our fees for most common transactions. This allows clients to know their total costs for a particular scope of work prior to commencing. We generally hold a deposit for a few hours worth of fees that we bill from. Unused portions of the deposit are refundable. We don't publish our rates or caps for reasons of attorney ethics rules, but we'd be happy to provide additional billing info if you contact us.

Can you help connect us to potential investors?

We work with a lot of investors and startups, but we generally do not get involved in connecting the two sides. When it happens, it's usually because an investor client has made inquiries with matching investment criteria.

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