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  • Reorganizations

Execution. At Springmeyer Reddy, quality and effeciency are integral to our legal services. In addition to drafting the documents used to execute these transactions, Bryan Springmeyer coded web programs that collect key information and automatically create customized versions of the documents he's created. These documents are based on online forms that were specifically designed to replace information gathering meetings that are normally billed at an hourly rate. As a result, clients are able to create many of the initial draft legal documents without any attorney time being spent, significantly reducing the cost of our services.

Costs. Most often, we charge our clients a flat rate for the services we provide. These rates are based on our calculation of hours an efficient attorney and paralegal would spend on the transaction (multiplied by the appropriate hourly rate). We do not charge our clients for the use of our web platforms.

The Process. Clients are given an account on our online client file platform. This platform allows clients 24/7 access to review the actions taken on the case, view and download case documents, review billing entries and make online payments. Clients are also given access to each of the platforms which are relevant to their transaction. The use of our online platforms has allowed us to complete entire transactions of distant clients, though we always welcome visits at our office in the SF Financial District.

Getting Started. To discuss representation, please email us at info@springmeyerlaw.com or call us at (415) 935-8936.