Entity Taxation Calculator - LLCs vs. S-Corps vs. C-Corps

Updated for 2018 Tax Bill


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Option 1: Partnership, Sole Proprietorship, LLC

Option 2: S-Corp or LLC making 2553 election

Option 3: C-Corp or LLC making 8832 election

What's the best tax treatment for your startup?

Calculate taxes for LLC's, corporations electing Subchapter S tax treatment (S-Corps), and corporations not making Subchapter S elections (C-Corps) for 2018 under the new tax bill. This application calculates the federal income tax of the founders and company, the California state franchise tax and fees, the self-employment tax (for LLCs and S-Corps), pass-through deductions for passthru entities, and the Medicaid and payroll taxes (for C-Corps). The application does not take into account the California income taxes for founders. It is intended to give you a rough sense of the taxation for different entity types.

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