Automated Contract Generation



We create customizable legal contracts and build web applications that automate their population. Utilizing our service, you and your end-users can instantly download customized forms of contracts by providing simple information and answering questions. This same technology powers our applications and the firm’s internal enterprise tools.

The Process

Step 1 Step 2 Step 3 Step 4

Step 1. The process starts with a standard legal engagement for the creation of form contracts. Through the engagement, we design a contract that serves your needs.

Step 2. We examine the contract to determine the data inputs that are needed from your customers and program the logic into our app.

Step 3. We generate a web form that queries your customers for the required data; you can host these web forms on your site or we can host them for you.

Step 4.  A customer, client or other party visiting your website can provide the data needed by your form, and our servers generate a contract (in .docx or pdf) that is customized for that party, and which they can download instantly.